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Narrative Designer & Scripter
Eastshade Studios - Eastshade

Engine: Unity 5

Languages: C#, Visual scripting

Team Size: Roughly 5

Platforms: PC (Steam)

Year: 2018

My Work: In this KOTAKU-FEATUREDElder Scrolls-inspired, adventure game, I used my DIALOGUE WRITING, visual scripting & C# to bring Eastshade's characters to life.

Description: A first-person, open world exploration game where you are a traveling painter, exploring the island of Eastshade. Players capture the world on their easels and help NPCs via quests.



  • SCRIPTED quests and quest logs (C#, JSON, node-based visual scripting)

  • Wrote quest DIALOGUE for new and pre-existing NPCs

  • Scripted PLAYTHROUGH VARIATIONS (so players can approach quests in different ways, depending on who they've spoken to, items attained, etc.)

  • Utilized pre-built systems and requested additional functionalities as needed (such as trigger behavior, allowing players to interrupt in-progress conversations)


  • QA TESTED my quests and quests from other narrative designers

Quest Sample

  • The below video features a video of a larger series of quests I created, featuring:

    • Well over 20 MINUTES OF GAMEPLAY!

    • 5 CHARACTERS total

    • 3 CHARACTERS I INVENTED (the overly optimistic Fynn, pessimistic Kai and his wife Kaelen) & 2 PRE-EXISTING CHARACTERS (scientist Zahra and owl enthusiast Anika)

    • 2 MAIN QUESTLINES - The mystery of vanishing crops from Fynn's garden & the money troubles of apothecary couple Kai & Kaelen

  • I spent approximately 35 HOURS creating these quests from start to finish (generating new NPCs; implementing schedules, triggers and quest logs; writing and scripting quests, bug testing and editing).

View additional quests on my YouTube channel.

What Sets My Quests Apart

  • PLAYERS DISCUSS the quests I created on STEAM FORUMS.

  • Player also PAUSE (in-game) on dialogue options for SEVERAL MINUTES to CONSIDER the MORAL DILEMMAS presented in my questlines:

    • The above questline gives players the option to INFORM a highly optimistic farmer that his neighbors have been STEALING from him.

    • It also EMPHASIZES the IMPORTANCE of not picking the Black Thistle, found all over the forest area.

    • This leads into another quest later in the game where a woman tries to CONVINCE the player to give her the Black Thistle.

Signs Warning Players of the Thistle's Protected Status

Black thistle Eastshade Narrative Quest

A Fortune Teller Convinces the Player to Pick the Forbidden Thistle​

Quest Log Sample​

  • I scripted QUEST LOGS, QUEST TRIGGERS (in C#), etc.

    • This included ADDING/REMOVING currency and items from player INVENTORY​, TRIGGERING a QUEST LOG to UPDATE after a specific amount of TIME PASSED or EVENT happened.


Story Sample

​A story I wrote for a storyteller in Eastshade.

Coding Samples (C#)

  • Click images to enlarge. Click right arrow to advance slideshow.

Visual Scripting Sample

  • Set bools, checked bools (to determine if a conversation topic could be revealed), triggered animations, changed NPC schedules, etc.

  • Triggered quest logs.

  • In some instances, I wrote multiple quest logs for the same part of a quest, depending on player actions.

  • Below shows my scripting work, leading to different quest log information (click to zoom):

Visual Scripting Sample


Quest Sample
Coding Samples (C#)
Visual Scripting Sample
What Sets My Quests Apart
Quest Log Sample
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