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Level Design / AI Design

FPS Level Design Game Karin Cederskoog.g

Level Design/Scripting

FPS Arcade-Style, Casino Game

  • GREYBOXED LEVELS for a FPS game, including SCRIPTED ENEMY ENCOUNTERS, camera design, BOSS GAMEPLAY, pickups. 

  • Championed CREATIVE DIRECTION and storytelling.


AI/Game Design

Avalanche - theHunter: Call of the Wild

TOP 100 STEAM GAME '17-'18. Rated 7 of 10 of 15k+ Steam players.

Raph Koster (A Theory of Fun) said my DETAILED AI POST is a "GREAT ARTICLE" on game design.

Avalanche APEX Engine.jpg
Level Designer - Game Designer - Unreal

Level Design/Scripting (UE4)

Work Test - "United Destinations"

  • Solo Unreal Engine 4 project made in <1 week

  • Scripted sounds, triggers, voiceover, UI

  • WHITE BOXED and used free assets to create level

  • Included: Playable level, video walkthrough, GDD


Quest / Mission Design


Quest Design/Scripting

Eastshade Studios - Eastshade

In this KOTAKU-FEATUREDElder Scrolls-inspired, adventure game, I used my DIALOGUE WRITING, visual scripting & C# to bring Eastshade's characters to life.

Eastshade RPG Quest Mission Design Karin

Mission Design (Mod)

Fallout: New Vegas

I developed new QUEST CONTENT for Fallout: New Vegas, including LEVEL DESIGN, MISSION DESIGN and SCRIPTING work.


Bethesda Game Studios - BGS Engine - Cre

"Karin is a fantastic person to work with. She has a pervasive smile and enthusiasm that is infectious to others. She encourages teamwork and worked very hard to foster great dynamics between members."


"Karin kept a great attitude regardless of the deadline or workload [...] It was a pleasure to learn new techniques from her [...] Karin worked very hard to add extra time for team building exercises and workflow improvements. One of her strongest assets is that she would push for improvements between teams as well just in our team. She would be pleasantly vocal about ways to track issues or handle them before they crept up."


"Karin has a great mind for design and puts a lot of effort into any of the titles we worked on. She created fun content regardless of the complexity of the underlying game implementations."


"When the game presented real challenges to creating the design content she would offer up ideas on how it may be improved and anytime it wasn't feasible, she added those details to the planning meetings for future titles. When new constraints arose she was consistently able to pivot her work to meet these new goals or restrictions."

- Game Designer, Synergy Blue



"Karin's game design and scripting experience, in addition to her dedication to research and learning new things makes her a great addition to any game development team."

- Senior Game Designer, Avalanche Studios


"I was amazed by the wide knowledge, not only within game design, that she proved to have [...] Her curiosity and neverending urge to learn new things is exactly what any game development team needs."

- Game Designer, Might & Delight


"What I saw was a strong, capable, and confident woman who was really well-rounded. Not only did she love games and could speak eloquently about her choices, she also has a business-savvy mind where she can see things objectively."

"I see her becoming an amazing powerhouse because of her understanding of all facets of the game business. She's got the objectivity, the business smarts, the

creativity, as well as a thirst for knowledge and learning. She wants to know more, whether it's about programming, game design, or anything else there is to offer regarding games."

"Karin even went so far as to learn Japanese so that she could communicate with our Japanese staff. I haven't seen someone that awesome and so eager to learn."

- Senior Producer, Hardsuit Labs

What Colleagues Say

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