AI Design

"As an AI designer, you essentially create the brain of an AI agent – when should an agent transition from one behaviour to another? What should they do while in that behaviour state? How should AI agents organise themselves and respond to each other, as well as the player?"

- VG24/7 "Game Design is Like Architecture: AI Design" (pg. 45)

"It takes time to make AI that looks correct to the human eye. AI Design is one part Game Design and one part behaviourism [...] All of these small details and behaviors add to the player’s perception that this animal is a realistic creature."

- VG24/7 "Game Design is Like Architecture: AI Design" (pg. 45)

"What fascinates me most about AI Design is how game design and storytelling can be expressed through AI – not just through companion characters, but also with ambient NPCs."
"Some of the industry talks and presentations that inspired me most include Max Dyckhoff’s presentation “Ellie: Buddy AI in The Last of Us” [...]"

- MonsterVine Interview "Spotlight: Karin Skoog"

"A framework that particularly interests me is utility-based AI (which was used in The Sims) – As a designer, you specify parameter ranges, and then the system decides under which circumstances an agent should transition from one behavior to another. This can make for some incredibly complex and nuanced behavior!"

- MonsterVine Interview "Spotlight: Karin Skoog"