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AI Designer/Game Designer & Scripter
Avalanche Studios - theHunter: Call of the Wild

Engine: Apex

Languages: Behavior trees

Team Size: Roughly 30+

Platforms: PC (Steam), Xbox One, PlayStation 4

Release Date: February 16, 2017 (Steam)

In this TOP 100 STEAM GAME of 2017 and 2018, I was responsible for DESIGNING and SCRIPTING the behavior of 10+ animal species, using in-house behavior trees.

The most realistic hunting simulation game. Rated 81% on Steam from 26,540+ players. Avalanche is an independent AAA developer dedicated to creating open world games, best known for Rage 2, Mad MaxJust Cause.



COLLABORATED across disciplines to deliver a HIGH QUALITY AI EXPERIENCE:​

  • Animators/Transition Coders: I worked with animators and animator transition coders to create specific behaviors, finding reference material to explain my vision for behaviors. I tested animation transitions and worked with the transition coder to ensure all behaviors had the necessary transitions.

  • Programmers: To create new behaviors, I requested certain parameters or functions be exposed so I had access to them in the behavior tree.

  • Designers: Since AI behaviors were at the forefront of my work, I also worked with the Lead Designer to DESIGN & IMPLEMENT GAME SYSTEMS related to the AI.

  • World Artists/Builders: My work included regularly communicating with world artists to ensure world features supported gameplay and worked with the vision I had for the AI.


Here's what Raph Koster, author of A Theory of Fun, had to say about my article:​




What Colleagues Say



"Karin did her internship at Expansive Worlds/Avalanche Studios from the fall of 2015 to the summer of 2016."

"Her primary role on the team was an AI Designer, but since we were a fairly small team at the time she also got to do a lot of other things such as general game design, balancing and writing. She is very talented and quick to learn new things, a combination which soon made her an important addition to the development team."

"As an AI Designer she was primarily tasked with researching and implementing realistic behaviors into the game. Using behavior tree scripting and working closely with coders and animators. Something that she performed with a high degree of dedication and professionalism."

"Karin's game design and scripting experience, in addition to her dedication to research and learning new things makes her a great addition to any game development team."

- Senior Game Designer, Avalanche Studios



"I worked with Karin on a yet unannounced project where she did AI and Game design but also writing as the team size required everyone to help out with what was needed. The tasks required mostly researching behaviours and implementing these through scripting and communicating ideas well with other team members."

"Karin managed this perfectly and I was also amazed by the wide knowledge, not only within game design, that she proved to have. This combined with the skills she showed to have while working on this project, her curiosity and (what it seems) neverending urge to learn new things is exactly what any game development team out there needs."

"Good luck Karin!"

- Game Designer, Might & Delight

What Colleagues Say
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